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HP MSA2012FC Re-Cable?

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HP MSA2012FC Re-Cable?



Would it be safe to re-cable a MSA2012FC to be HP best practice?


Currently we have a MSA2012FC and 2 shelves, and the SAS connections on the 2012FC are going out to one shelf each, we want to cable this best practice, ie 2012FC to outputs to inputs on shelf1, shelf out outputs to inputs on shelf2 and then add a new shelf outputs on shelf 2 to inputs on shelf 3.


We are worried that changing the cabling to the shelves will cause a problem with accessing the volumes, any advice?

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Re: HP MSA2012FC Re-Cable?

so long as the disks stay in the same slots there is a good chance they will be picked up and mapped into the correct RAIDs and LUNs using the RIS (metadata). However if they are not picked up on the new paths then you can always cable them back up the old way, the controllers shouldn't do anything to the disks unless you tell them to.
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