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HP P2000 G3 replication limitations..

Khurram exe

HP P2000 G3 replication limitations..

Hi All, 


As per P2000 refrence guide


"If you intend to create snapshots of, create volume copies of, or replicate volumes in a vdisk, ensure that the vdisk contains no more than four master volumes, snap pools, or both. For example: 2 master volumes and 2 snap pools; 3 master volumes and 1 snap pool; 4 master volumes and 0 snap pools."



This means that i can't have more than 2 master voulmes in a vdisk. Now the issue is that we have 150 GB x 10 luns that we want to replicate and we have 450 GB disks size. Considering the above statement we will have to create multiple vDisks each having max 2 master volumes and 2 snap pools, but this would result in lot of wastage of space. 


Can you please advice if we can create 1 vdisk of 16x450 GB disk and add all 10 master volumes and their snap pools in that one big vdisk. 




Khurram Shahzad