HP P2000 G3

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HP P2000 G3

Hi every one,


I hope any one can help me in this case.


I want to do remote replication between two HP P2000 G3 dual FC controllers systems separated in two different sites. unfortunately the current infrastructure connection between the two sites is limited to fit FC connection. so we find that the most suitable solution to fit our WAN connection is to replace the current FC controllers by FC/iSCSI combo controllers to use the iSCSI ports for replication through our Ethernet WAN connection! regardless the cost,

- what I need to take care about before advancing the process?

- do I need to power down the systems while replacing the controllers?

- can I replace the controllers in each system one by one -although as per HP doc. : it's not allowed to mix different

   types of controllers-  or replacing the tow controllers together?

- for time saving can I do the replication between the two systems by the FC first in one of the two sites then replacing

   the controllers (FC/iSCSI) and relocating the systems back again to its location

- what about licensing required? and how it will fit the above?


thanks for your help.


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Re: HP P2000 G3

You need this manual.  http://www.storagenetworks.com/documents/solutionguides/hp_p2000_remotesnap_technical_cookbook.pdf


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Re: HP P2000 G3

Hi ,


thank you for your help. I will check it.