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HP SEA Continuous Access DR Path message

Matt Palmer_2
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HP SEA Continuous Access DR Path message

Hi, Im getting the following message from HP SEA:

HP SEA: CUST: CA informational: SITE1EVA01: The DR Path between this Site and the Alternate Site has been opened., System Event Analyzer Detected Fault

Event Code 0C 22 00 0C

To give an out line I have Continous Access running between 2 sites and am replication 3 DR groups to an EVA at site 2.

In normal operation if I use evaperf drt -cont to view whats going on there are 3 drts visible

2 x FP3 and 1 x FP4. This message seems to coincide with the opening of a second FP4, which opens but doesnt appear to have any "write in's" occuring on it. It stays open for about an hour with nothing happening on it, and then closes.

Additional to this, it seems to happen when I do a snapclone of a Vdisk on EVA at site 1 (the full copy snap is not in a DR group), so I dont know if its likely to be related.

I know its probably a call to HP support, but just thought that someone in the forum may know what these are a symptom of.

Any help appreciated.