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HP SVSP 2 and VSM server questions

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HP SVSP 2 and VSM server questions

Hello all,

I am in the process of setting up a new SVSP 2 environment and am installing the VSM server software.

Before I get too far, I realized in the near future, out of our control, they will be moving our servers and equipment to a different tcp/ip subnet and IP range.

My question is, can I bring up my SVSP environment with 2 VSM servers, set it all up and have it working, and then change the IP and DNS that the servers are a member of without causing issues?

I know products like Data Protector and other things are tied to DNS/IP, which makes more sense than in the SVSP case.

Regardless, I want to know if this will affect anything?

ALSO - can I remove members/add new members at any time to the SVSP domain without causing problems? Part of the above question, can these have different ip ranges, DNS info, windows domains, etc?

What are the limitations or gotchas I should know about relating to an SVSP environment and any changes I want to make in the long run....
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Re: HP SVSP 2 and VSM server questions

No one has an SVSP environment, or knows how the VSM servers communicate?
Joerg Fischer
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Re: HP SVSP 2 and VSM server questions

I installed the SVSP last week. The VSM servers communicate with the DPMâ s over the FC adapter. I think you can change the name or the IP address of the VSM Server. The IP from the DPM is only for the setup or configuration. You find more information by LSI (SVM).

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Re: HP SVSP 2 and VSM server questions

You can change the IP address of the VSM servers then reconfigure the VSM web-server to use the correct management LAN using the VSM monitor.
In any case don't change the host name of the VSM server.
Changing host name will require to reinstall the VSMs and also big headaches.

Also be aware if you have multiple domains to preserve the iSCSI connection.