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HP Storage Mirroring + HP x1600

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HP Storage Mirroring + HP x1600


We have a client equipped with two HP x1600, and HP Storage Mirroring application.

Our client has also 2 ESX servers (HP Proliant DL 360 G6), running several VMs. All VMs are stored on the first HP x1600 SAN, through iSCSI. The second HP x1600 is supposed to be the exact mirror of the first one.

The goal is to have a SAN redundancy with iSCSI.vhd file replicated over the sedondary SAN. In case of failure on first SAN, it should fail over and be replaced (name, IP), by secondary SAN.

Has anyone succeedeed in configuring such an installation? My main problem is about files that are in use and doesn't replicate over the other SAN.

Do you know if i should replicate C disk (with Windows Storage 2008) and D disk (containing iscsi.vhd file)?

Thank you for your answers and help.
Patricio León
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Re: HP Storage Mirroring + HP x1600


We are at this moment working on that solution (funny how similar is). We are currently configuring the second storage (an X1600 G2). The idea is to move all VM's to the new G2, then move the old one (G1) away from their computer room (another building) and replicate them using Storage Mirroring.

The purpose of that is to have copies of the VM's on a secondary storage, not an online failover solution. From that perspective we donâ t see necessary to replicate the OS, just the VM's.

I will post my whole experience once done.