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HP StorageWorks EVA 4400 controller issues

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HP StorageWorks EVA 4400 controller issues

Hi all, after Goggle has failed me I am hoping someone here might have some experience with HP Storage Works EVAs and can shed some light on my issues.

I recently got this EVA 4400 with a HSV300 controller and 3 shelf's of disks.

When I first got it I booted it up and checked the controllers were working and found no issues. I switched it off and left it for several weeks, I came back to it recently and found the controllers in the controllers are not registering (see screen shot), I fear they are both dead, or the management model is faulty.

When I try and initialize the system or set the world wide name is says the API is not ready, if I change the IP it says it is done but never reboots as it should according to the manual. If I manually reboot it after an IP change the system never comes back online.

As you might be able to tell I have never set up a fibre channel SAN before and I am unsure what to do next, if anyone has any ideas that would be great but general questions below:

  1. has any one seen anything like this before?

  2. if the controllers are dead I am guessing the shelf's of disks can not be used as a SAS expander-type deal with another system via fibre?

  3. all of the disks are fibre channel and look like some sort of mini SAS connection. Do they make back plains in this standard for White Box? Is it even worth trying to salvage the disks.