HP-UX 11 v3 mpio

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HP-UX 11 v3 mpio

Does this support active/passive arrays, (iSCSI arrays with port redirection?) and is there a pointer to setup instructions?
If not, what multi-path alternatives are available?
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Re: HP-UX 11 v3 mpio

If the active/passive array supports ALUA (a standard way for the array to announce the active/passive nature of its paths), then 11i v3 can support it pretty much automatically... assuming that ALUA is enabled and the various host type settings are set correctly in the storage system configuration, of course.

See this thread for an example of dealing with an active/passive array:

The setup instructions would be highly specific for your array manufacturer/model, so you should check the support resources of your array for that.

NOTE: you'll want to see specific instructions for HP-UX 11i v3 (also known as 11.31). Generic "HP-UX" instructions are probably good for 11i v2 and older, but not for 11i v3.

If the array does not support ALUA, then the array manufacturer can supply an "APSW plug-in for HP-UX 11i v3" to allow 11i v3 to support any non-standard way of choosing the correct path(s):

I have no experience about iSCSI on HP-UX, sorry.