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HP-UX host connected to EMC CX-4 240 Storage.

Narendra Uttekar
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HP-UX host connected to EMC CX-4 240 Storage.

The HP-UX host(test1) is connected to EMC CX-4 240 Storage through 2 SAN switch.
Now the requirement is that i want to rename the HP-UX host(test1) to (develop). I want to know that once i change the hostname at OS level...Do i need to modify the connection in SAN swicthes to new hostname? And doing this will have any data loss or any other problem?

Steven E. Protter
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Re: HP-UX host connected to EMC CX-4 240 Storage.


This is really a storage question.

I work with storage people all the time though and boot all my systems off the SAN to EMC disk.

You do not need to change anything in the SAN/EMC configuration.

Our Storage group likes however to keep their system updated as follows:

hostname slot port switch.

So good storage practice says you should probably update the EMC. That does not require you change the WWN or any of the information, it is only for documentation purposes.

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