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HP eva 8000 and load balancing paths

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HP eva 8000 and load balancing paths

HP eva 8000 and load balancing in VMware

Hi, we have BL465Cs with dual port HBAs connected via 2 seperate fabrics to the EVA 8000.

We are running esx 3.5 on the blades and are experiencing disk latency so I have began looking

at load balancing.

Our storage guy says that he sees nearly all traffic arriving through FP1 on controller A on the EVA.

I'm pretty much trying to learn this on the hoof so please bear with me on these questions.

1) Does / should the EVA perform load balancing accross the FPs using its own management. I'm asking because If it does would I not expect to see traffic from 2 of the FP ports (as both fabric switches have 2 connections to each controller - or are these for failover only)

2) Here's an output from one of our ESX boxes:

has 8 paths and policy of Fixed
FC 65:0.0 5001438002b0993c<->50001fe1500b1808 vmhba0:0:16 On active preferred
FC 65:0.0 5001438002b0993c<->50001fe1500b180a vmhba0:1:16 On
FC 65:0.0 5001438002b0993c<->50001fe1500b180c vmhba0:2:16 On
FC 65:0.0 5001438002b0993c<->50001fe1500b180e vmhba0:3:16 On
FC 65:0.1 5001438002b0993e<->50001fe1500b1809 vmhba1:0:16 On
FC 65:0.1 5001438002b0993e<->50001fe1500b180b vmhba1:1:16 On
FC 65:0.1 5001438002b0993e<->50001fe1500b180d vmhba1:2:16 On
FC 65:0.1 5001438002b0993e<->50001fe1500b180f vmhba1:3:16 On

I am correct in thinking that this means all traffic will go through HBA0, what does the second target number mean ? - is this the FP port number or controller (if its the fp port number which controller is it going through?) I'm confused on this as FP start numbering from 1 not 0?

Niels Vejrup Pedersen
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Re: HP eva 8000 and load balancing paths


It's a common problem that default all traffic will go the the first controller - which obvious causes problems. Either you saturate the port or you end up saturating the controller.

The WWN's you have at the right side is the controller pwwn.

All that ends with 8,9,A,B is controller A
Controller B is C,D,E,F

1) Check in command view under the vdisk, which controller is the current owner of the LUN (remember to specify controller x failover/failback) policy for each LUN.

2) Afterwards make sure you balance the paths in VMware to the right controller, and possibly the HBA port

(the outgoing pwwn is on the left side - e.g. 93c could be HBA0, and 93e would be HBA1)


Re: HP eva 8000 and load balancing paths

Thanks for that - answers everything I wanted to know !