Re: HPDA or HPD6

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We have a EVA storage array with HP SAS disks Model number EG0600FBDBU frimware HPD6.


We have been asked to make sure it is later than firmware HPDA.


Which is later HPD6 or HPDA?


We have 75 of these in a SAN so would prefer only to update the firmware if we need to.


Additionaly we have a D2600 SAN and need to upgrade the firmware on the HDD's , how is this done, the D2600 is connected to a Windows 2008 R2 Server via SAS interface?

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: HPDA or HPD6

A comes after 6. You could check the downloads on HP's site, there are dates listed for when they were published.

For the D2600 you could boot the server on the Firmware Maintenance DVD ( make sure the firmware you want to upgrade to is on the DVD ). Or you could run the HDD online firmware upgrade on the server. HPSUM could be used.