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HPDM Multipath tar file needed


HPDM Multipath tar file needed

I have installed RHEL 6.5 in my server HP BL 460 .

Here I need HPDM multipath tar file i.e pakage (not single RPM) file  for RHEL 6.5   because i want to present LUN from my hp SAN

From net, I don't find specific link for this tar file.


It's helpful  if anyone can share the  specific link.

Sheldon Smith

Re: HPDM Multipath tar file needed

From the HPE 3PAR RHEL Implementation Guide:

Hewlett Packard Enterprise supports the following multipath solutions for RHEL:
*  Device mapper multipathing (DM-Multipath)
*  Veritas Dynamic MultiPathing (DMP)

A quick search with Google or "DM-multipath" shows a lot of links:

  • Linux DM Multipath - Wikipedia
    The tools consist of: Multipath: scans the system for multipathed devices, assembles them, updates the device-mapper's map. Multipathd: daemon that waits for maps events, and then executes multipath and monitors the paths. Marks a path as failed when the path becomes faulty.

It looks like you need to get the device-mapper-multipath package.

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