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HPE P6000 - Storage capacity reduced after adding disks

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HPE P6000 - Storage capacity reduced after adding disks


I have two HP P6000  with exactly the same configuration (DG, Vdisk). They had each two free slots so I ordered 4 new disks (2+2) to increase my storage capacity.

One of the HP P6000 reacts as expected ==> Disk group storage capacity extended

On the other, for some reason I have less capacity I hab at the begin of the operation on the concerned DISK GROUP. The critical thing is that I have only 8GB free on Vraid0 and a production system on it....

I checked the log and found a message "The disk failure protection level of a Disk Group has changed" just after the levelling finished (this message is not present on the second bay).

I checked The disk failure protection level" on each disk group, single on both case...

I tried a deep investigation with sssu, compared the two disks group configuration, disk status, disk firmware.

The only difference is about une disk which is on firmware HPD5 on the degraded bay and HPD6 on the well working bay. I precise these two disks were already there before all the operation.

I don't think this firmware difference is the root cause but in case do you know where I can find firmware for this model?

Model number: EF0450FATFE  


I suspect some bug here, do you have any clue on what could be wrong?

Thanks  a lot.

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Re: HP P6000 - Storage capacity reduced after adding disks

Are all new disks same size?

How about the requested protection level?


By the way, running a RAID0 for production is probably a bad idea.


Disk firmware is here:


HPE P6000 EVA SAS Drive Firmware Bundle

Type: Firmware (Entitlement Required)

Version: Jan-2019(31 Jan 2019)

Operating System(s): OS Independent  

File name: HDDBundled_SAS_Image_2019_01_31.zip (74 MB)

Hope this helps!

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Re: HP P6000 - Storage capacity reduced after adding disks

Hi Torsten,

Yes disks (old,new) are all same model/size.

Vraid0 is just the indicated volumetry left on disk group. We use RAID 5 to create Vdisks on this DG (yes all Vdisks are identical on both bays).

Thanks for the firmware, I try this.


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Re: HP P6000 - Storage capacity reduced after adding disks

Firmware update on HPD5 disk to HPD9, leveling restart an dspace is here.

I don't think the firmware was in cause but it forced the leveling process to restart....

Whatever, thanks!