HSG80 Error 4160

Allan Bagnall
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HSG80 Error 4160

Has anybody come across a 4160 error when trying to restart either of the controllers?

I am unable to boot from my cluster (Tru64 environment), errors indicate that the device or unit are unavailable. From the console port I try to reset the controller, but am greeted with the response:

Error 4160: Unable to rundown the following units (then a list of all my units is displayed). I have tried restarting both controllers, with the same results.

when I do a show units all, each unit's state is INOPERATIVE with their size and geometry UNKNOWN.

I am kinda new at this and would appreciate anybody assistance.

Pieter 't Hart
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Re: HSG80 Error 4160

I've not encountered this specific error.
But it may be related to controllers losing the redundancy configuration. So one of the controllers locks the dvices from the other.

It may also be caused by batteries being over their lifetime. so the controller cannot function with write-back cache correctly.
Sivakumar MJ._1
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Re: HSG80 Error 4160

Can you give me any Log file.

Its volnoid 416x for the controllers.

Lp ALPA Poid Volnoid MAIRFA CSMM WWN DUB Gate id ndx

3. 69x 816x 416x IDLE 2-000-0004cf-9654f7x 1efafa0x 0x 003 07

I hope Pieter is right..
Allan Bagnall
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Re: HSG80 Error 4160

Message indicates that the batteries are near the end of life...

I did eliminate this error by issueing the CLEAR dx LOST_DATA for d11 and d21. should I do something about the battery warning anyways?