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Re: Hardware Replication using storage

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Hardware Replication using storage

I want to have a SAN storage. 2 servers connected to it. The primary server has a database called X which is used for reporting. This database is a heavy database and reporting from it impacts performance. This database is placed in a Vdisk called Vdisk1. I want to use a secondary server to use database X for reporting , in this way I cal balance primary server workload. How can I synchronize database in primary server with database in secondary server without impacting performance? My idea is putting database for the secondary server on Vdisk2 and synchronizing these Vdisks at the hardware level to have same data on 2 servers. Is it possible? Is this synchronization online? Do I have to attach the database at the secondary server , every time I do a snap clone job?  What's the best way to resolve this issue?

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Re: Hardware Replication using storage



For just replication, you can use CA (HP EVA Continuous Access) or n-raid 1 (HP LeftHand P4000 series).


When you want to use the replica for reporting purposes, I only see a few solutions:

- SQL transaction log shipping? (software-based, i'm not sure about how it should be done);

- HP CA/BC and HP EVA VSS Hardware Providers;

- Hardware providers for Lefthand.


I hope I pointed you in a good direction.

If you find a possible solution, I would be glad to hear it.