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Help - EVA 3000 Meltdown

Michael Jay_2

Help - EVA 3000 Meltdown

Our LAB lost AC over the weekend. Since then none of our ESX or Windows hosts can see their LUNs.

We powered down as soon as we could. Cooled the room, powered back on but still no luck.

Logs on brocade switches and on EVA do not show any problems (other then the high temp warning).

Switches and EVA show no current problems - all configs in place, all looks perfect, etc.

We created a new vdisk and presented to existing host - no luck. We've created new alias and zone of existing host on one switch no luck.

We tried connecting one windows 2003 host directly to the EVA but this did not work - we thought we saw a thread that said this was supported but we weren't sure if there was anything else special we had to do.

We powered down one controller and tested - no luck, then powered down the other - still no luck.

Of course we have no HP support on this old box so any ideas suggestions or pointers to troubleshooting documentation would be much appreciated.

We are planning on pulling one of our new not yet production switches over to LAB just to try and isolate whether we have a switch problem or a EVA problem.

BTW, on one windows host running QLogic HBA we run the SANsurfer and one of the screens seems to indicate it can see the two "disks" but Windows can't see.

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Re: Help - EVA 3000 Meltdown

dont you have a cv eva machine running?it must be at the top of the eva rack. the default credentials must be (if not changed) administrator:admin{last 6 characters of serial number in reverse order}

what you should do is first to be sure your san switches are fine,

and send us more detail,

what is your san sw models

led and ocp status of eva controllers

the fastest way is to open a call to hp and get help onsite. if you have time than send more info and let us try.
Rob Leadbeater
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Re: Help - EVA 3000 Meltdown


Are you sure the cache batteries in the EVA3000 are good ?

Your symptoms are a good indication that they've failed...


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Re: Help - EVA 3000 Meltdown

Zoning on Brocade Switch will be lost if you forgot to save the configuration after you created the zones. Make sure cfgsave your zone config. Are you using soft zoning or hard?