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Re: Help : End of Support Life

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Help : End of Support Life

Can anyone tell me these machine end-of-support-life?
1. 2/16 (A7340A) SAN Switch (Brocade 3800)

2. 1/8 (A5625A) SAN Switch (Brocade 2400)

3. 4/32(AG758A) SAN Switch (Brocade 5000)

4. MSL6030 Tape libary with LTO2 Driver

5. MSL6030 Tape libary with LTO3 Driver

6. XP512,XP128,XP12000,DS2300 and EVA4000 Storage .

Terri Harris
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Re: Help : End of Support Life

The 2/16 reached the end of support life in 2009. If a HP customer has a current HP support agreement on the switch, that support is still valid.