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Help about HSG80 donated Equipment

Nicolas Martin Berisso
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Help about HSG80 donated Equipment

Excuseme for my English a need some help a company donate to us Storage / controllers / Cables. This things :

1.- HSG80 complete
2.- Fiber Switchs
3.- Fiber Adapters

I try to configure the HSG80 to a ML370 I connect like this :

1.- complete Box with 1 HSG80 Controller
2.- a Storage Disk Box 150728-001 with 4x9.1GB
3.- Terminal RJ11
4.- I connect by terminal i setup up the controller as you can see in the attachment
5.- I configure all Disk Array by terminal from GUI software

The problem is : I cant see from WIN2000 server any disk I created

I try this connections

1.- HSG80 Port 1/2 Fiber to HUB 1063
2.- HSG80 Port 1/2 Fiber to Switch 127552-B21
3.- HSG80 Port 1/2 Fiber to Switch 158222-B21

And diferents card in the server Like 161290-001 / 241322-001 / 223181-001 / D8602A

But i cant see any disk create in Windows 2000

Can anybody help me please !!!
Sheldon Smith

Re: Help about HSG80 donated Equipment

Make, model of switches? Firmware running on switches? Zoning? Make, model, driver and FW for HBAs? FW on HSG?

Check SPOCK (HP Single Point Of Connectivity Knowledge) http://www.hp.com/storage/spock for compatibility and interoperability notes for HSG80 and Windows 2000.

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