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Help me firmware and online update??

Bao Khanh
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Help me firmware and online update??

Would you like to help me answer this question

1. Which statement is true about EVA6400/8400 firmware and online updates?
a. The resync of controllers is staggered
b. After the update, firmware reload metadata from the disk
c. An in-memory image of virtual disk metadata is preserved
d. Firmware is updated on one controller and copied to the second

2. How is disk enclosure management handled in an EVA4400/6400/8400?
a. Array-based management controls the disk shelves
b. Management is performed in-band through the device loops
c. A CAN/EAB Bus handles device shelf management
d. Disk shelves are handled through a PCI-e management bus

3. What has the highest influence on EVA LUN performance?
a. Largest disk in the EVA
b. Number of disk in the disk group
c. Slowest disk in the disk group
d. Number of disks in the EVA

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Re: Help me firmware and online update??

Not absolutely sure... But i think

1. d
2. b
3. b

It's interesting to see other opinions :)