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Re: Help request (EVA 4000 deployment project)

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Help request (EVA 4000 deployment project)

Hi All,

we lately received 2 HSV 200 controllers with 2 disk arrays in a small rack with one SAN switch and 2 hp 9000 rp3440 servers (with hp-ux 11iv3 pre deployed on both) and a DL 380G5 server which will act as the management server (on which we will install Command View) however, i have more knowledge in systems but not in SANs as i never deployed such installations before. Can anyone help me please by advising from where should i start (it could be helpful if someone can provide step-by-step procedure or white papers for the whole installation as the results found on google are more like service manuals and do not provide info on tasks as "how to configure zoning on the SAN switch ...")

Thanks in advance
Marcus Schack
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Re: Help request (EVA 4000 deployment project)

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Re: Help request (EVA 4000 deployment project)

Thanks Marcus for your help, but the problem is all of this documentation is too wide and i do not have much time. Any help would be appreciated.
Pramod M
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Re: Help request (EVA 4000 deployment project)

Which SAN Switch you have? Have the fiber cabling done? Hope the Controller FC ports and the Server HBAs are you connected to the SAN Switch.
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Re: Help request (EVA 4000 deployment project)


the SAN switch is an HP SAN switch (8 ports)and nothing is done yet so we need to do the cabling...


Mikko Niskanen_1
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Re: Help request (EVA 4000 deployment project)

If your disks are empty i.e. no data, then suggest as first:

1. Upgrade to XCS 6.240
2. Upgrade disk firmware with HD FW bundle
3. Upgrade Command View to latest i.e. 9.4
4. Upgrade FC switches to latest FW
5. Upgrade management server HP FW and drivers
6. Connect FC cabling

If Command View is currently < 7.0, then you'll need to obtain new licence keys from lincensing center.

For steps 1-4 you'll need at least software upgrade support.

Make zones in fabric so that each server sees EVA, but servers won't see each other (iirc).

From EVA, one FC connection from both controllers to both FC switches i.e. 4 fibre pair cables in total. From FC switches, one FC connection to each server i.e. total of 2 fibre pair cables per server.

No connection between FC switches.

Upgrade management server to latest Windows Server 200X (whichever you're using), upgrade drivers/FW with HP Rompaq and/or Smartupdate Firmware DVD.

Use Command View EVA to create hosts first, identify the correct WWN with a descriptive name. Then create vdisk(s) as needed, but do not present them to hosts. Suggest vRAID1 or vRAID5. Do not use vRAID 0.

Present disks one by one to HP-UX targets, after 1st one do a "ioscan -funNC disk" on target server and you should see new volumes with description HSV200. These may then handled with pvcreate etc as ordinary disks.

IIRC, there's still 2TB per volulme size limitation. If you need bigger disks, present multiple volumes & combine with LVM/VxVM.