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How to add an enclosure to MSA2324fc

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Fernando Boza
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How to add an enclosure to MSA2324fc


What is the process to add an enclosure to a MSA2324fc?

It's on line?

Trygve Henriksen
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Re: How to add an enclosure to MSA2324fc

1. Mount the new enclosure in the rack.
2. Connect power cables to the enclosure.
3. Power on.
4. Got a cable or two to connect them? Plug em in.

Hot-plug, baby!

I've been told, though, that having the new enclosure full of HDDs may not be a good thing. (That you should add them one by one afterwards. Can't remember where I got that bit of advice, though)

As all my advice, ingest with a pinch of salt, unless others agree with me...
Sudhakar Subramaniam
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Re: How to add an enclosure to MSA2324fc

If you are doing a online expansion ,please verify if the enclosure and disks are supported by the MSA 2300 Controller. Ensure the cabling scheme is correct and then follow the steps below:

Leave the disks out of the new enclosure.

Let the MSA recognize the enclosure alone.

Add the drives one at a time, and confirm that the MSA sees all the disks as they are inserted.

Keep in mind that for a while, one controller could see more boxes than the other during the installation process.

If the new disk enclosure is already loaded with disks, the MSA may not recognize all the drives when they are connected at the same time. That would take a lot of processing time from the controller, since it would be receiving a lot of information at once, causing a delay.

Also, it has happened in the past that people put used drives from other MSA's and suddenly the controller had to figure out how to make sense of the metadata of a whole new array.

Zygmunt Krawczyk
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Re: How to add an enclosure to MSA2324fc