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How to add another server to an MSA1000.


How to add another server to an MSA1000.

I have two HP servers (DL380/DL385) connected to a single MSA1000 via fibre channel HBA's / MSA SAN swith 2/8. Each server is running Windows OS and running CHARON Vax emulator application which makes the Windows server act as a Vax 4400/108. The MSA1000 system is used only in the VAX/VMS environment.

I have a new DL380G7 server to replace the DL380. I would like to attach the new DL380G7 server to the MSA1000 while the existing servers are active but would like to understand the process to do this in a non-impacting way, as this is a production environment.

The goal is to have the new server attached to the MSA so the fibre channel connectivity is tested and ready to go before the old server is shutdown.

Process advice or documentation reference would be appreciated.
kris rombauts
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Re: How to add another server to an MSA1000.

Hi djk,

i think from a high level it is as simple as this:

- install the new server and connect FC cables to the SAN switches
- write down the WWN of the FC HBA's in the new G7 server (can be checked online with Sansurfer or HBAnyware or in the SMH)
- run the ACU on one of the existing DL38x servers and create a new small LUN on the MSA1000 and assign it to the WWN of the new G7 server, just as a test to see if all connectivity etc is working fine.

I am not familiar with the bundled MSA1000/SAN 2/8 switch configurations, so if you have one like those i am not sure if you need to edit the zoning configuration or
not, but it is basically the same procedure like you did at the time the DL38x was added.
There are doc's out on hp.com about msa1000 i'm sure.


Bhavnish Kamboj (BK)
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Re: How to add another server to an MSA1000.

Hi Djk,

There is no zoning required in 2/8 switch as far I know. Connect the server and then in ACU you can find SSP (Selective Storage Presentation). There you can see your new server and then just create a logical drive and map it to new server.

Hope this will help you. thanks
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Re: How to add another server to an MSA1000.

Cehck the SAN design Guide. Mixing of OSes requires Zoning. And it is always a wise thing to do to isolate Servers from each other using zoning espescially if the have no relationship. The switch should be pretty easy to zone