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How to connect 2 SAN switches


How to connect 2 SAN switches

I have 2 SAN switches (Brocade and Cisco Nexus5020). Both are working for some time now and have independent zone database. Now I want to connect them together.
I know that when connecting 2 switches one should have no zoning configuration on, but what if both have? Is it a way to connect them without clearing one configuration?
Johan Guldmyr
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Re: How to connect 2 SAN switches


to answer your question: no there is not. One needs to be empty. If you want to minimize downtime I guess you can prepare entering the zoning information.

There are more information about SAN Switch interopability on HP SPOCK's website (section 'switches' in the left side). For example you need to set interopmode on the switches.

Maybe it's possible via some nice scripting/parsing to take the Cisco zoning database and convert it to the brocade one. I wouldn't know how to do that but it doesn't sound impossible.