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How to copy snapshots from EVA to tape?

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How to copy snapshots from EVA to tape?

Hi. We have EVA 6400 and MSL 4048 Tape Library. We need to keep EBA snapshots on tapes. How we can achive this goal?

Which software we should use, CV or DataProtector? Maybe there is some guide describing how to do it?



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Johan Guldmyr
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Re: How to copy snapshots from EVA to tape?

Hi, you need a middle man. Like a backup server.

The EVA does not have built-in auxiliary copy (except if you count DR then).

Tools you would use would be: RSM (to schedule snapshots of the vdisks in the EVA) but also to perhaps mount this snapshot on the backup server.
Then you would use a backup software to copy data from this snapshot to the library.

While you're at it, do check out the differences between snapshots, snapclones and mirror clones.

RSM info:

I have not checked but maybe there is a white paper for this here:
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Re: How to copy snapshots from EVA to tape?

Read here:



What you need is:

- BC License on the Storage

- CommandView

- VDS/VSS Provider on the Backup Server

- Backup Programm with VSS/VDS Support

  One Example: BackupExec with "Advanced Backup to Disk Option"


Then Backup generates over VSS/VDS commands the Snapshot on the EVA (with help from CommandView), present it to the Backup Server and finaly back it up over FC.

After this all is reverted.



I'm not an HPE employee, so I can be wrong.