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How to set the silkworm 2800

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How to set the silkworm 2800

I wish some technician would help me.
To experiment in the world of SAN with FC I bought two EVA system disk arrays. The AD542B model with the AD624B and AD623B interface.
My HP Z420 workstation has its HBA. If I connect the HBA directly to the cab, I see all the drives and can operate with them without problem.
If I connect the Z420 and AD542B to a Silkworm 2800 Fiber Switch, the Switch sees the workstation but cannot see the AD542B. and in the port where is attached teh ad542B the switch tell port 12 : no_sync
If I replace the Silkworm with the 352FC loop switch the communication is perfect.
My question is:
How should I configure the Silkworm to act the same as the 352FC does?, it is possible?
Thank you very much for the help.
Joaquin (EA3IHP)
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Re: How to set the silkworm 2800

Sounds to me you have not an EVA, but a disk chassis only, right?

It works in loop mode, your switch is probably set to fabric (point to point) connection. Try to set the port in loop mode too.

Hope this helps!

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Re: How to set the silkworm 2800

Hello Mr. @Torsten. :

Thank you very much for your quick reply.

I bought, from a suspension of payments, an almost complete EVA 8100 system, only four ad542B were missing in the rack, however, there was no disk, it was a ridiculous price (200 $).

The problem is, obviously, that I do not have any license and the controllers are not operational.

I have tried all the possible port configuration options on the Silkworm and in none of the cases can I get him to see the HP Z420.
I have made my own backup system helped by the W2008R2SS, but I am curious to be able to make it work with the Silkworm.

I'll try your advice but I think there must be another solution.
In any case, again, thank you very much.