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IP address for management port on EVA 4400

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IP address for management port on EVA 4400

This is going to be very embarrassing and some of you will get a laugh out of it....so here goes....

I just rack mounted the EVA4000 with one disk enclosure and c7000 with blades.

I'm able to log in to the default management port of EVA4400 using
Manaul reference (section 7): http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/c01680587/c01680587.pdf?jumpid=reg_R1002_USEN

I tried changing the IP address to a 167.x.x.x and save the changes. No matter what I did, it would default back to the address.

Need assistance on this one.

Now comes the funny part....
Below the management port, I have two HSV300-S controller switches. I was trying to change the IP address on this management port on the left hand side looking at it from the rear. While Java was "hanging" during the change, I killed the entire process through Windows task manager. Now I can't access the before OR after IP address. I think I may have even mis-typed the IP address. I tried pinging, but I get no replies.

What is the best way to find out the IP address for the controller switch so I can log back into it?

Thanks in advance for any assistance provided.
Uwe Zessin
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Re: IP address for management port on EVA 4400

I have not worked with the embedded switches, but when I look at the documentation there is a serial (management) port right over the LAN port. I think the line parameters are 9600,8,N,1.

Login with user admin and then enter the command "ipaddrset".
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Re: IP address for management port on EVA 4400

If that doesn't work. stuffed password also etc. then use/borrow a fluke network inline tester (small handheld gadget with in, out port). this will show you the ip address on the connection.
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Re: IP address for management port on EVA 4400

Thanks "Uwe Zessin"!

The console port and the command worked.
Unfortunately, I did enter the right IP address info. But for whatever reason, I cannot access the management URL.
Would you have any ideas on this?

Re: IP address for management port on EVA 4400

Never mind about my previous question.
I have two controller switches. I had to change the IP address on the second switch to the same subnet. Once that was done, I was able to access both management ports through the browser.
Veli Körkkö
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Re: IP address for management port on EVA 4400

on EVA4400 with HSV300-S controllers, i.e. with the embedded san switches the default addresses are for left switch and for right switch. the default ip address of EVA mgmt mod is

Note that YOU CANNOT CHANGE the EVA mgmt address before you have initialized the EVA!!!!
This is because the "new address" is stored into EVA metadata and you do not have such on a uniinitialized EVA.

And changing the ip address of san switches goes quite well using TELNET and CLI as well.


Re: IP address for management port on EVA 4400

Thanks "Veli Körkkö"!

I found that out the hard way and not paying attention to all the details from the manual.

I'm new to all this equipment and I'm still picking up all the terminology.

I was able to change the IP address after creating a VDisk. Will the IP address default to factory if I delete all the Vdisks?

I haven't had the chance to try it yet. But I'll do it when I get around to it.
Uwe Zessin
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Re: IP address for management port on EVA 4400

There are some more potential problems somebody might run into:

- the EVA4400 uses the IP addesses internally to communicate between the management module (WOCP) and the controllers. Best is to avoid the complete 10.* subnet - I know that sounds //strange// but the documentation is very inconsistent whether you can use other IP addresses in that subnet or not. Use an address outside this range and you don't give any support person an excuse to reject a call.

- the management module IP configuration is stored in the EVA metadata and independent from the existence of a virtual disk - it is only necessary that the EVA is "initialized"

- do not assign a "Fibre Channel IP Address" unless you really understand what this is for - or use at least a different IP subnet than the LAN interface
Dileep P S

Re: IP address for management port on EVA 4400



The procedure is simple for changing IP address of  managment module


Browse to https://<IP address >:2373 or and log in as an HP EVA administrator


The default user name is admin. No password is required during the initial setup. Also default IP is


6. Select Administrator Options > Configure Network Options.

7. Enter an IP address and other network settings that apply.

NOTE: The management module firmware reserves IP addresses for internal communications.If you are using HP Command View EVA 9.2 or earlier, the reserved IP addresses are

through Later versions of the management module firmware will also use theseaddresses if the array has older controller firmware loaded. The latest versions of controller and management module firmware, however, use the reserved IP address range from through The management module cannot be configuredto use these addresses, nor can it communicate with external systems that fall within the reserved address range (for example, web client, router, DNS server, and so on).

8. Click Save Changes.

The IP address changes immediately, causing you to lose connectivity to the HP P6000 Control Panel.

The new IP address is stored and remains in effect, even when the storage system is shut down or restarted.

NOTE: If you uninitialize the storage system, wait one minute before reinitializing or you

may lose the IP address.

9. Remove the LAN cable to the private network and reconnect the cable to the public network.

10. From a computer on the public network, browse to https://newly configured ipaddress:2373 and log in.

The HP P6000 control panel GUI appears


Or use can use telnet option .


Else reset the IP of management port and try to login