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ISL maintenance

Is there a way to bring ISL links online (link-wise) without allowing the fabric to use them for I/O - sort of a maintenance mode? The intent is to ensure the links and trunks come online AND ARE STABLE before any system I/O try to traverse them.


I have several ISLs that are not coming online. I would like to troubleshoot and test the ISLs on new fiber but fear causing an outage as has happened in the past. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Director 4/256 (48000) to Director 4/256 (48000)

Both running v6.4.1b

LongWave SFPs no 4/32 blades

No power pack, but do have trunking and zoning.

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: ISL maintenance

There are TI (traffic isolation) zones that you could use to make all devices use the other ISLs.

There is also with the 48000 the possibility to use the command 'urouteconfig' (see command reference guide for more details) but I have never used this command.