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Inaccessible h20293.www2.hp.com

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Inaccessible h20293.www2.hp.com


We are planning for a EVA 4000 XCS upgradation from version 6.200 to 6.220 and collecting the guidelines from "HP StorageWorks 4x00/6x00/8x00 Enterprise Virtual Array updating product software guide (XCS 6.220).

But, we are unable to download the 6.22 controller software from the following website:
http://h20293.www2.hp.com/. Same with downloading HP Command View EVA 8.0.2 which is recommended with XCS 6.220

Is http://h20293.www2.hp.com/ a restricted site. Can anyone help us other links pls.
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Re: Inaccessible h20293.www2.hp.com

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Re: Inaccessible h20293.www2.hp.com

It wasn't a restricted site and I don't think it is not today.

I've tried it yesterday and it was down. Tried it a bit later and it responded. Tried it a few minutes later and it was down again.

Same thing happend today.

Try this direct link - with a bit luck it works.

If not, (no offense meant, but) learn that lesson: always pick up the software as soon as it becomes available. Do not trust that the content is still there or the infrastructure is working when you really need it.
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Re: Inaccessible h20293.www2.hp.com

Hi Marcus, Uwe,

Thanks for the link.

Can you also send the link for latest available firmware for Brocade 4/8 SAN Switch (P/N: A7984A). Current firmware version is v6.2.0b. Also, links to related documentations/guides will be very helpful.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Inaccessible h20293.www2.hp.com