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Incomplete SNMP Query Results

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Incomplete SNMP Query Results

I have two sample Brocade switches,

Model Kernel Fabric OS
A) HP SANswitch 2/16 5.4 v3.2.1b
B) HP SANswitch 4/16 v6.2.0b

If I attempt to use SNMP to query swNsLocalNumEntry (, switch A returns 4 (meaning there should be 4 entries in the table), and switch B returns 5.

If I then query the switches for swNsPortID (, switch A correctly returns 4 entries, but switch B returns 4 also, which is incorrect.

I have verified this across multiple switches of the same types (and versions) listed above, and it appears consistent. The B type switches always leave off the first entry in the table; the remaining entries appear correct.

Has anyone else observed this, and is there a solution?