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Information about snapshot sizes

Van Kerckhove Piet
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Information about snapshot sizes


Our EVA8000 has a lot of snapshots.
We would like to receive each day a report on the actual size of the snapshots so we can precent overcommit when the total space on the san is too low.

I know it maybe possible with SSSU but I can't find any examples of this.

Isn't there an easy GUI which can collect, store and present this information?

thanks in advance for a response
Uwe Zessin
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Re: Information about snapshot sizes

No GUI. CV-EVA contains the bare minimum to maintain the system. Fancy graphics or reports are $$$...

...except if you are willing to invest some time ($) on your own. I gave some hints how to process SSSU's XML output with Microsoft's LogParser program and generate some easy reports or even graphics:

Van Kerckhove Piet
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Re: Information about snapshot sizes

Thanks for your response.

Do you have example of payable tools which can do the job?

niall oconnor

Re: Information about snapshot sizes

We had a similar requirement but finding out total spare capacity on a particular EVA for before running snaps, not exactly the same requirement as yourself but it might be of benefit? If you know what the typical requirement for a SNAP is (Use Command View GUI and click on the SNAP in question to identify size) and build in some contiguency to can use the below script with a bit of additional DCL to do proactive space checks for you.

Using vms snaps against a eva8,000. In the end we created a dcl script called an sssu script and by using the dcl define sys$output we were able to then interigate the sssu with a dcl search command, see see for the 2 scripts involved, 1st is the DCL, 2nd is the SSSU script.

ty show_space.com


ty show_space.sssu

select manager YOUR_SERVER_NAME username=YOUR_PASSWORD password=YOUR_PASSWORD
set options nocommand_delay
ls system YOUR_EVA_NAME xml

I hope this helps!
Van Kerckhove Piet
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Re: Information about snapshot sizes

Isn't there a fancy tool which can do this? Nobody?


Is there really no tutorial for this?

How should querry this for example every nigth?
How should I collect and store these XML?
How should I use the data for grafics so I can mail the growth of snapshots to the end user automaticly?

I think SSSU could be a very powerfull tool, but with this amount of examples, it will not work!

thanks for any help!
Uwe Zessin
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Re: Information about snapshot sizes

Yes, SSSU could be very useful, but there is no real information about the meaning its XML output available - at least not outside of HP.

Last year I had to track some 'lost' space in a CA environment and it was no fun at all to deal with L2"read the manuals"--me"I've read the manuals-the information is not there!" via the L1 call-center agent.

XML is a great idea - parsing the older ever-changing SSSU "SHOW" output was not fun and I've collected a number of unit-tests during those times. The problem comes when you want to process the data and do not know: is it blocks? bytes? degrees celsius? ...?