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Holger Fabian
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Insight Remote Support

Hi all

I have Install the new IRS Build A.05.30 RS Standard 0729 .

I become the following Error Message: Webes HeartBeart test failed to log Event.Webes may not be in Running state.

The Option in Event Analyzer: Webes Log Notification on or off is not the reason.

IRS is funktion!

What can i do to disable the Message?

Thanks for help
Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: Insight Remote Support

An attempt was made to stop and restart DESTA_Service and WCCProxy service using the following commands, but the issue was still there:

net stop desta_service

net stop wccproxy

net start desta_service

The HealthCheck end-to-end test is implemented by a periodic task that runs three times per day, every eight hours. This task issues a desta launchwhc command, which writes a special binary event to the Microsoft Windows application event log, waits for WEBES to recognize and process the event, and verifies that a correct problem report is generated.

If no such problem report is generated within a certain timeout period, then the task sends an email to the user describing the issue.

These periodic tasks are installed and scheduled by WEBES during its installation.

When checking the application event log of the Windows server, the application event log was found to be corrupt.

Using the following steps resolved this issue:

Disable the Event Log service.

Click Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Services . Select the Event Log service. Change the Startup Type to Disabled , and then click OK .

Restart Windows.

NOTE: When the system starts up, several services may fail; a message informing the user to use Event Viewer to review errors may appear.
In the %SystemRoot%\System32\Config folder, rename AppEvent.Evt to AppEvent.Evt.old .

In the Control Panel Services tool, re-enable the Event Log service by setting it back to the default of Automatic startup, then start up the Event Log service.
Holger Fabian
Occasional Advisor

Re: Insight Remote Support