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Inter Switch Link Eva4400 to MSA1000

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Inter Switch Link Eva4400 to MSA1000


i have made inter switch link from EVA4400 to MSA1000 by change domain id on MSA1000 to 10, domain id on EVA4400 is 1 and connect two san switch.


Switchshow on EVA4400:  port 5 online E_port downstream

                                MSA1000: port 6 online E_port upstream


ISL seem to be ok?


on MSA1000 administration CLI type : " show connections" and don't have any connection via ISL link.


so i am unable to see MSA1000 LUN from server connected to EVA4400.


Could you please to let me know, how to config san switch, storage for connection from server connected to san switch on EVA4400 can be see the LUN Unit on MSA1000?


Thank you very much!




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Re: Inter Switch Link Eva4400 to MSA1000


I don't know if this connection is supported but as they are both brocade switches you should see if there is zonning enforced do "fabricshow" and "zoneshow" to see and create zones for the servers you want and the MSA1000



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Re: Inter Switch Link Eva4400 to MSA1000


you may also want to read the release notes of the Fabric OS firmware of the switches in the EVA4400 - if that version is supported with the MSA1000 (2/8 presumably) switch.

If zoning is enabled you need to zone the devices. If you had zoning and change the Domain ID you'll need to re-do the zoning if you had "DID,PID" zoning (based on domain id).

You can get more details about ISL with 'islshow'.

nsshow, nscamshow are also helpful commands that should show devices on local/remote switch.