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Issue w/ MSA1500 and drive rebuild

david d_2
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Issue w/ MSA1500 and drive rebuild

I have a drive in my MSA1500 / MSA30 that had failed to rebuild. I have tried several drives as well as the backplane and it still comes back with failed to rebuild. Any ideas on how to get this to move along or will I need to blow away the logical drive and recreate it. It is fairly large with 5 300gb drives in a Raid 5. Also the drive status is in a ready to recover state.

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Re: Issue w/ MSA1500 and drive rebuild

Check the other drives in the Array for hard read errors.

If one of the other drives got hard read errors, then it can't rebuild.

It's possible that you can chekc it from a host, using the system management homepage.


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Re: Issue w/ MSA1500 and drive rebuild

Try using the CLI to see what exactly is happening. If you had a second failure then you may have to restore. Check the cli commands for failed units in here:



Also check driver, disk & controller firmware versions as some of these rebuild issues were fixed with newer firmare, ACU and drivers.