HPE EVA Storage

Issue with EVAPerf Counters


Issue with EVAPerf Counters


Setup: 2 x Sites connected via 100Mb link using MPX110 FCIP Gateways:

EVA4400 + HSV300 controllers on XCS0952200
Command View EVA 9.1
Brocade 4/12 SAN Switches

I have been collecting data using the counters in Perfmon but i have noticed that i can only see a limited amount of paths. I should see two paths per controller on Site A and two paths per controller on Site B, therefore 8 paths in total:

Site A:
A08C = Ctlr 1 FP1
A08C = Ctlr 1 FP2
A08D = Ctlr 2 FP1 X
A08D = Ctlr 2 FP2 X

Site B:
A08A = Ctlr 1 FP1 X
A08A = Ctlr 1 FP2
A0F0 = Ctlr 2 FP1
A0F0 = Ctlr 2 FP2 X

When i add the HP EVA DR Tunnels object (in PerfMon) and then choose Round Trip Delay i then get a choice of instances to collect from. The only instances i see are marked with a cross (X) above ^ ....

Has anyone else seen this behaviour? Can anyone shed any light on this please?

(i can see all paths when running cvutil.exe paths)



Re: Issue with EVAPerf Counters

Ok, i see now that the setting Replication Path in Command View 9.1 > Data Replication > DR Group seems to dictate which instances i see within the counters...which makes sense

This correlates with the DR Groups seen from the other end

Solved by author! Can i assign points to myself?