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Issues after EVA4400 firmware upgrade

Niranjan Das
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Issues after EVA4400 firmware upgrade

Hi guys,

I am asking a bit off track but a related Question. Hope some one hops in for answer.

Actually i have a EVA4400 array too and was runing 95xxxx firmware on it. We decided to upgrade the firmware. Downloaded HP_EVA_4400_6400_8400_XCS_10000000_Media_T4256_10046 possibly the latest firmware from the website and upgraded the controller. I was using Commandview that is integrated in the management of the array. There was no compatibility check issue while the pre-firmware load test ran.


Following the upgrade, EVA controller are not accessible. State is down. Controller 1 and Controller 2 management link failed. I powercycled the system but it is not recovering in last 48 hours. Can some expert help in ?



Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Issues after EVA4400 firmware upgrade

Hey, can your servers see the LUNs?


Maybe you just need to restart/reset the management module.


Can you access Command View or the WOCP at all?


Maybe you had an older version of Command View, so that you also need to upgrade CV.


Go to software.hp.com


There is a 10001000 and a CV Version 10 or 9.4 that you should probably be running.

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Re: Issues after EVA4400 firmware upgrade

Always check host access to verify if the array is down or just the management. If you upgrade to XCS 1000.x000 you should upgrade the WOCP firmware to 0001.4000 (CV 9.4) or 0002.0000 (CV 10) to have proper management operation. If the code is installed as well and management not working, perform a factory reset of the WOCP module and configure it from scratch. (hold button on WOCP module for 5-6s until module blinks) Its just management, data will not be affected. Default IP, User:admin without any password.

Was the upgrade performed from XCS 0906.0000 or earlier? If so, you might have missed the upgrade to 0934.0000 first, including the power down of the controller/enclosures to make sure the IO modules come up again correctly. If unsure, call support.