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Issues with Gen8 Blades/CNAs and Hitachi VSP

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Issues with Gen8 Blades/CNAs and Hitachi VSP

Hi all,


I was wondering if anyone had come across an issue we're facing. We're in the middle of migrating from an Hitachi USPV to a VSP. Recently my VMware team has started using HP generation 8 blades with 554FLB converged network/fibre adapters. The problem is, according to HDS, the cards are sending bad data causing the VSP CHAs (front end fibre ports) to go offline. Here's exactly what HDS is saying:


""Due to Emulex 554FLB(647586-B21) being connected (not supported Converged Network Adapter), the VSP received frames it doesn't support.  CHK2 errors resulted and DMA went blocked.

The reason for the CHK2 errors is Tachyon adds incorrect UDT guarantee code if it receives frames with 4 byte boundary.
CHK2 errors will then be detected with the frames with the incorrect UDT when the frames are transferred from LR to CACHE."


We have about 10 of these new blades connected to our USPV without issue. I have both HP and HDS looking into it with blame being thrown in both directions. We're also using Cisco MDS 9513s running at 4.2 code.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!





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Re: Issues with Gen8 Blades/CNAs and Hitachi VSP

Hi Joe,

Use CNA f/w version version 4.1.450.16.

You can download the offline updater ISO tool for this new firmware version here:


The problem is due to a 4 byte data frame which the previous versions of the Emulex CNA is able to transmit, however the HDS USP or VSP array is not able to process properly.

This specific Emulex CNA f/w version was released to stop that specific data frame size from being transmitted.

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Re: Issues with Gen8 Blades/CNAs and Hitachi VSP

I am having trouble finding the online Emulex Windows 32/64bit versions of 4.1.450.16.  Can someone provide the links to these?


Thank you in advance!