LUNS capacities

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LUNS capacities


We have Hp Eva 8000(version 6.0) can anyone let me know how to check the lun capabilities as we are planning to move to HP EVA 8400
Sheldon Smith

Re: LUNS capacities

Hi there! It may take a couple tries to understand your question. :)

One response would be: Capabilities are reading from and writing to the LUN.

Another would be: Anything an 8000 can do, an 8400 could do, assuming you have licenses as needed.

However your subject talks about capacities. Again, anything an 8000 can hold, an 8400 could hold as well.

Just what capacities / capabilities are you interested in?

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Steven Clementi
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Re: LUNS capacities

What version of Command View do you have running?

As stated, there re lots of different ways to address your question. Can we get a little more specific?

Assuming you simply want to size the 8400 appropriately... check command view, find the total disk space by clicking on your EVA. Total and Allocated values should be displayed. If not, click on Disk Groups. This page should show total and allocated as well.

Once you have that info, you can calculate how many disks you need to accomadate the current capacity.

What wasn't mentioned previously is that the Drive Shelves in an EVAx400 and the usable drives are different than an EVAx000/x100.

There are 2 less disk bays, but drive capacities are effectively doubled. (146GB to 600GB Fibre drives and 1TB FATA drives)

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