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Leveling is stuck at 7%

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Leveling is stuck at 7%


EVA 4400

I'm new to EVAs. Didn't know they existed until 3 months ago. Now I "support" 3.

One of them had a drive fail. During the leveling process 4 other drives failed. After that leveling process completed   I replaced 3 of the 4 drives. (all we had) The machine started leveling again and spitting out this error:

A hardware failure has occured in this disk group. The advanced virtualization features on your system have prevented any data from being lost, but the level of prtection in the disk group is degraded. Please repair the hardware failure as soon as possible etc etc etc etc.. This message pops up every 5 seconds or so.

I was tol do wait forthe leveling process to complete before making any further changes. It has been 3 weeks of leveling and the percentage was stuck at 6%. for 2 of the 3 weeks. Yesterday it jumped to 7%. Do I need to wait 93 weeks for it to finish?


Re: Leveling is stuck at 7%

I have minimal information provided regarding the status of this array.  The leveling process on the EVA is, by design, a background process which is intended to have neglible affect on the operating array.  If your array is 'busy' handling host I/O requests, has multiple created and deleted virtual disks, or has thin-provisioned virtual disks with active allocation, the leveling process will seemingly go on and on.  The controller event log provides insight into the actual status of the leveling process including the internal structure the code is operating on at the time of the event being logged.   I'd suggest consulting with your HPE PointNext call center to arrange analysis of the logs.

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