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License Command View for Old Strutucre

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License Command View for Old Strutucre


Recently a customer acquired an HP storage structure used. He purchased all the hardware, but not the management software.
I configured the structure using the HP P6000 Command View v10.3 in the evaluation period. We tried to purchase the software from an authorized HP reseller but they said that the hardware is obsolete and that HP is no longer supported.
Is there an HP channel where I can try to purchase the software or restore the old license?
Without the software I can not perform any maintenance, like changing defective HD, correct? (This was my first contact with such structures).

2x HP Proliant 380 G5 Servers
2x Storage Works 4/8 SAN Switch
2x HSV200-B FC Controllers
2x StorageWorks EVA 4100 (14x 146GB SAS 15k + 14x 300GB SAS 15k)

Thanks for attention!

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Re: License Command View for Old Strutucre

As you have learned, the EVA 4100 is no longer sold and upgrades are not available as HPE SKUs. In some cases, a customer can get EVA sotware licenses when they put the EVA on an HPE support contract.  However there are conditions for HPE to put the unit on a support contract:

  • If your customer bought this as an aftermarket EVA via some unauthorized seller, they probably will not be able to get a support contract.
  • The EVA 4100 has to have been under an HPE Support Contract; often times customers in an attempt to save money get support through a 3rd party and the HPE product ends up with after-market components that HPE can't and won't support. So another stipulation to get it on an HPE Support Contract is that it was previously under HPE Support. 

    If the customer wants to pursue this with HPE, let me know what country they reside in and I can get an HPE Services Sales Person to call the customer. 
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Re: License Command View for Old Strutucre

Strike what I said - information I saw was incorrect and the EVA 4100 is out of support life and can not be supported by HPE. The only option I see is to have your customer upgrade his EVA 4100 to an EVA 4400 and not sure how easy that will be since this EVA 4100 was not purchased through an HPE Authorized Representative.  I don't know what your customer paid for the EVA 4100 but continue to invest in a product that was End of Sale in 2009 and end of support in 2014 is IMHO not a good investment. 

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Re: License Command View for Old Strutucre

There is one solution for old EVA systems. Set up a fresh management server and install CommandView 9 or whatever version you have. I don't know if this works with other versions but it definitively does with V9.

When Command View is installed, you get a 3 month trial period with full functionality. No license required in this time.

After that time you will need a license or you repeat from step 1 which is: Setting up a new management server....

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