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Linux Lun replicated with CA

Henry A.C. Jansen
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Linux Lun replicated with CA

Hi Guru's


I'am not into Linux so I thought about asking the community. I have a Linux box with several Luns presented from an EVA4400 working all fine. Now we put a P6300 next to it and are planning to replicate these Luns with the Temp CA license within CVE 9.4 to the other box. This wil work allright I guess .. but is the linux box capacble of using the replicated Lun on the P6300 once we shut it down - failover the DRG - and boot it up again ?? A little bird whispered that the WWN's of the target are changed so the Lun binding on the Linux box doesn't know this Lun anymore... 


Can someone put some light in the darkness ??