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Looking for CLI listing for HP 4/16 SAN switch A7985A

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Paul Maglinger
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Looking for CLI listing for HP 4/16 SAN switch A7985A

Can anyone point me to comprehensive documentation for using the CLI on a HP 4/16 SAN switch A7985A?  Up to now everything I've had to do could be accomplished using the web interface.  We are now working on tying a Cisco blade server, complete with it's own switch, into this switch.  It is my understanding that in order to do this I must make a change to the ISL mode on that specific port, but I haven't found specific procedures on how to do this.  Most documentation that I have found mentions having to disable the switch before making some changes.  Is it necessary to do so to make this specific change?  And again, is there documentation out there somewhere that covers the CLI commands?



Steven Clementi
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Re: Looking for CLI listing for HP 4/16 SAN switch A7985A

Disabling the switch depends on the change you need to make.  Most changes are instant... some, like setting the Domain ID and maybe Compatibility mode... require disableing it.


What version of FOS is it running?


Assuming it is a Brocade switch, at the CLi run the command version, or check in the GUI.


Support page for said device:  " http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/DocumentIndex.jsp?contentType=SupportManual&lang=en&cc=uk&docIndexId=64902&taskId=101&prodTypeId=12169&prodSeriesId=1143930 "

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Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Looking for CLI listing for HP 4/16 SAN switch A7985A



if I understand correctly you need to connect a Cisco SAN switch to a Brocade SAN switch?

To do this you need to change the interop mode on the Brocade-switch (and on the cisco vsan as well).

I haven't double checked but I am quite confident that to change interop mode you need to disable the switch first. 


There is a (legacy) document on HP SPOCK here:




However, I wonder why it's in legacy. I'd read the fabric interopability document and then check out the commands that it uses to see if they are still valid.


Would be quite handy if you could just put the new Cisco switch in NPIV-mode (Access Gateway) and have it log on through an F_port instead of requiring a merge. If that would work then you'd not have to reboot the Brocade switch anyway. But if this functionality exists on the Cisco then I doubt it can integrate with a Brocade switch..