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MPR 400 Committed Rate

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MPR 400 Committed Rate


I am after an explination of the Committed Rate on an MPR 400 router. Is this speed set when th eport is created an can be changed on the MPR or is it determined by the WAN switch it is connected to. As you can see ours is showing 4Mbps

portshow fciptunnel ge0 0

Port: ge0
Tunnel ID 0
Remote IP Addr
Local IP Addr
Remote WWN Not Configured
Local WWN 10:00:00:05:1e:40:ed:84
Compression off
Fastwrite off
Tape Pipelining off
Committed Rate 40000 Kbps (0.040000 Gbps)
Min Retransmit Time 100
Keepalive Timeout 10
Max Retransmissions 8
VC QoS Mapping off
DSCP Marking (Control): 0, DSCP Marking (Data): 0
VLAN Tagging Not Configured
Status : Active
Connected Count: 6
Uptime 32 days, 19 hours, 25 minutes, 13 seconds

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Re: MPR 400 Committed Rate

It is set on the MPR and it controls how much bandwidth of the GigE port is given to the FCIP tunnel.

We set the committed rate to be the same as our link per the best practices guide. If you just have one tunnel usually you set it to match the rate of the link (if you want to used the whole link for what ever traffic is passing through the tunnel). But if you set up 2 tunnels, one for replication and say another for tape you could set the Committed rate so that each tunnel gets a guaranteed amount of the available bandwidth, or to restrict one tunnel to how much bandwidth it can use.

Re: MPR 400 Committed Rate

Thanks that answers my question perfectly.