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MSA 1000 Disks problem


MSA 1000 Disks problem

Hello All
I have MSA1000 with 6x146GB and 2x300GB Disks were built to an array with Raid ADG configured

One time 2 Disks 300 GB had been failed with red led "Failed" , with no access for the data .

I powered off the MSA and it worked and started a rebuilt process and now i can access My data

after power up the MSA , the two failed disks returned back to green light status and rebuild process had been completed and every thing is fine ,
now I want to replace these 2 suspected disks , i started my procedure with assigning a spare disk , tomorrow i will start disk replacement
can any body advise me if i can do this process for the 2 disks in parallel

any HP sheet for this procedure will be appreciated by points

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Re: MSA 1000 Disks problem


You can replace both the drives in parallel only if both the drives belongs to different vdisks.

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Re: MSA 1000 Disks problem

This is an MSA1000 - which doesn't have vdisks (there is a smart array 6xxx controller is inside the MSA1000 controller). Also they are using ADG - so raid 6 - see http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/Disk-Array/What-is-RAID-ADG/m-p/4698622#M36036


"RAID ADG allows two simultaneous drive failures without down time or data loss."

I don't know of any procedures for when replacing two drives at the same time.
But as both are working now, why do you want to replace both at the same time? Why not do it one at a time?
There could be problems during the rebuilds.

Do you have backup?