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MSA 1000 - Drive expansion

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MSA 1000 - Drive expansion

we have a MSA 1000 and LUNS are presented to MS cluster. We want to expand 2 Volumes os MSA 1000 from 150 GB to 300 GB. These volumes are mounted in MS Cluster. What is the time frame required to expand the Volume from 150 Gb to 300 GB ?? Do i need to shutfdown the cluster nodes to do this drive expansion ??

MSA is a Active/Passive with 5.12 Firmware.
Amol Garge
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Re: MSA 1000 - Drive expansion

You cant predict the expansion time in MSA1000.
Depends on the IO's, the cache etc.
I cant exactly remember where I read this about MSA but it said that the expansion time varies from 1-3GB/min, again, it all depends on the above mentioned factors.

On the cluster, you will need to increase the file system on the expanded LUN by using FSextend.exe

FSextend is tool does an online file system extention, but sometimes a server reboot maybe needed.