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MSA 1000 HDD replacement

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MSA 1000 HDD replacement

Hi, I have MSA 1000 with 1 disk enclosure.
HDD is 146 GB and 5 servers r connected to this storage.Now i want to replace all 146 GB to 300 GB, without deleting the logical drives.
If it is possible , just tell me the procudure.
Martin Smoral
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Re: MSA 1000 HDD replacement

1) Make sure you have a complete and verified backup
2) do you have a Hot Spare assigned ? If so then as soon as you pull out the first disk it will begin too rebuild on the spare. So you might want to temporarly unassign the spare disk.
2) Replace one Drive at a time. Make sure the first Drive has completely rebuilt and all your logicals have a Volume status of "Volume OK"
3) then repeat for each disk, till the are all replaced.
4) reassign your hot spare again

Now you will be able to create more logical drives with the new space or expand the last logical on the array.