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MSA 1000 / MSA Embedded 2/8 Switch

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MSA 1000 / MSA Embedded 2/8 Switch

I have an existing setup comprising of the following:

2/8 Switch
2x DL385 server each connected with fiber to ports 1 & 2 of the switch.

I have a new Windows server which I want to add "server 3" and have completed the following:

HBA installed and connected to Port3 on switch.

New connection added to MSA1000 via Cli entering the wwpn and friendly server name.

7 new disks configured in Raid 5

SSP set so that "server" 3 can access disks.

The bit I am stuck on is zoning on the 2/8 switch, we have an existing single zone with the other 2 servers specified and the MSA1000. Within zone administration (connecting via the web to the san switch). I attempt to add Port 3 which is the new server and I get an error in the log. Am I following the correct process?
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Re: MSA 1000 / MSA Embedded 2/8 Switch

If you can write the error details here would give a hint what's going on wrong here.
Also, if you can show the current zone config setting.

The procedure to enter a third port into zone is simple.

Add the port3 to existing zone where other 2 server and MSA are already in. Then enable the config (config name will depend on your environment and make sure there is only one config file, if you have more than one then better be careful which config you are enabling).

Hope that helps.
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Re: MSA 1000 / MSA Embedded 2/8 Switch

I re-tried the process and it has now worked. I can now successfully see my disks from the new server.

Many thanks for your prompt reply ... much appreciated.