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Re: MSA 1000 Password


MSA 1000 Password

I need to reset the password the MS1000, because the other administrator get out and didn't leave the user and password. It's possible?

Thank a lot!

Re: MSA 1000 Password

I forgot to say that is the switch 2/8 password.

Re: MSA 1000 Password

I found several theads for this problem, e.g.


Maybe you need HP to reset the passwort.

At first you should try these default username - password combinations:
admin - password
user - password
factory - password
root - fibranne

If you are successfull, you can use the password command to change.

Greetings - Joachim

Greetings, Joachim

Re: MSA 1000 Password

You are right about other thread with this same topic, i try the user and password, but doens't work, i will need open a ticket in HP.

Thank a lot.