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MSA 1000 and Logical Drive Capacity (Urgent)

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MSA 1000 and Logical Drive Capacity (Urgent)



I am configuring MSA 1000 with 14 SCSI Disks 300GB each under windows 2008. It is allowing maximum 2TB for one Logical Drive. Is there a maximum space limit for a logical drive in MSA 1000 or this is windows limit?


Secondly, the spare drive i am creating is showing "shared spare". Is it also because of the limit and is there a problem of having a shared spare?



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Re: MSA 1000 and Logical Drive Capacity (Urgent)

The limit is with the old MSA1000. You can have a single large array, but have to create multiple LUNs (2TB max) on it to use the space. Even if a single LUN is optimal per array. A "shared spare" is nothing else as a global hotspare which is a good thing. A single spare for 13 drives is pretty ok.