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Re: MSA 1000 slow response

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MSA 1000 slow response

Hi All,

We have MSA 1000 that includes two MSA 30 with 14 300 Gb disks each. MSA 30 Controller is connected to switch and different servers connected to this switch through fibre cables

There is one ESX host accessing this SAN through same switch
Virtual machines build on this ESX using the storage from this SAN are responding very very slow.

Please suggest how to troubleshoot and fix, where could be the problem.

Running ADU from windows box for SAN will help ?

Many Thanks,
Víctor Cespón
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Re: MSA 1000 slow response

Running ADU can tell you if there are errors on any disk. But when talking about VmWare and performace, you should consider if the array has been correctly dimensioned for the I/O load you have.

I've seen too many cases where people installs ESX and starts creating virtual machines on an RAID with only 8 disks. The fact that the servers are virtual does not mean that they generate less I/O. 8 disks are 8 disks, you cannot have 25 servers running on 8 disks.

What RAIDs have you created on that MSA? The ESX server has one for itself? With how many disks?