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Re: MSA 1510i issues/questions

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MSA 1510i issues/questions

I've been trying to find this in writing and can't seem to, does anyone know if the following are true/exist:

-Can a single array consist of more than 2TB worth of Raw data? (within that array i'd like to create multiple logical drives)
-Can you have multiple logical drives in a single array?
-Can you expand an existing Array?

thank you, any help is much appriciated.
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Re: MSA 1510i issues/questions


as far as i know you can create a raid array as big as you like , i think the array issues a warning if you use more than 14 drives but it will let you continue and you can dice that array up into individual luns (max number of luns 32, max lun siz 2tb), yes existing arrays can be expanded.